Are you using an ERP software with difficult menus and functions that only your accountant knows? Are you always dependent on someone else to get the latest reports and status of your business, whether it is for finance, accounting, sales, purchase, or inventory? Well you shouldn’t. Your ERP software should be easy and it should do a lot more for your business.

Introducing inCloudERP

inCloudERP Dashboard

Simple, future-proof, and as easy as running any App

inCloudERP is as easy as using the internet or running an App on your mobile. Everyone in your company will understand its functions and love its speed and efficiency to do their daily work. Best of all, inCloudERP will never be limited to the performance of your server/machine in your office.

inCloudERP is perfect for your evolving business needs. You can manage sales, purchase, inventory, finance, accounting, tax, audits, payroll, and much more from any browser and any device; desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. With MIS reports and Executive Dashboards you get full control of your business anytime from anywhere.

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